Pristine White Musk

Pristine White Musk envelops you in an aura of subtle sophistication, making it the perfect companion for any occasion. Its soft and lingering trail accompanies you throughout the day, leaving a mesmerizing impression on those around you.
Whether worn as a personal indulgence or shared as a thoughtful gift, Pristine White Musk is a timeless treasure that celebrates the essence of purity and the allure of elegance. Embrace the captivating essence of this fragrance, and let it transport you to a world of pristine beauty and captivating charm.

Top Notes:

  • Bergamot: The fragrance opens with a burst of refreshing bergamot, creating a bright and invigorating introduction that awakens the senses.

  • White Tea: A delicate and soothing note of white tea adds an element of tranquility and purity to the initial impression, setting the stage for an enchanting experience.

Middle Notes:

  • Pristine White Musk: At the heart of the fragrance lies the star of the show, pristine white musk. This soft and velvety musk note envelops you in an aura of subtle sophistication, exuding a captivating charm that lingers throughout the day.

  • Lily of the Valley: Delicate and ethereal, lily of the valley complements the white musk, infusing the composition with a gentle floral grace that enhances its allure.

Base Notes:

  • Sandalwood: The fragrance's base is enriched with the warm and woody notes of sandalwood, grounding the composition with a sense of earthy elegance.

  • Vanilla: A touch of sweet vanilla adds a comforting and embracing quality to the final stage, leaving a soft and lingering trail that mesmerizes those around you.

All our oils have been carefully selected with the best wood chips from Cambodia, Trat and Prachin. They have been hand-picked to give our customers the purest organic natural raw scent which is rightfully due for these amazing ouds.
All products come with a complimentary gift box unique to each oil.

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