Perisian Ambre


Perisian Ambre 

This Asian fragrance has been skilfully crafted for both women and men to bring you a truly unique scent. Opening with the aroma of Amber mixed with Roses, before kissing your senses with gentle woody and floral base notes complemented by soothing sandalwood.

Top notes: Labdanum
Heart notes: Rose, Saffron & Patchouli
Base notes: Agarwood Oud, Amber and Sandalwood 


*All oils come with complimentary gift box as featured 

All our oils have been carefully selected with the best wood chips from Cambodia, Trat and Prachin. They have been hand-picked to give our customers the purest organic natural raw scent which is rightfully due for these amazing ouds.
All products come with a complimentary gift box unique to each oil.

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