Amour Musk

Embrace the tender allure of love with our Amour Musk fragrance. Like a gentle caress, this enchanting scent wraps you in an intimate embrace, capturing the essence of romance in every delicate note.
At the heart of Amour Musk lies a harmonious blend of velvety musk and soft florals, evoking the feeling of falling in love. The fragrance opens with a burst of fresh and vibrant accords, reminiscent of the excitement and thrill that accompanies new beginnings.
As the scent evolves, it reveals a captivating bouquet of delicate flowers, such as jasmine and lily, infusing the composition with a sense of pure and tender affection. The interplay of these floral notes creates a heartwarming melody, expressing the beauty of love's vulnerability and warmth.

Top Notes:

  • Bergamot: A fresh and citrusy note that opens the fragrance with a burst of energy and excitement, symbolizing the joy and anticipation of a new romance.
  • Pink Pepper: A subtle and spicy note that adds a touch of intrigue and sensuality to the initial impression, setting the stage for a captivating experience.

Middle Notes:

  • Velvety Musk: The heart of the fragrance, a soft and inviting musk note that forms the core of its intimate allure, capturing the essence of love and tenderness.
  • Jasmine: A delicate white floral note that adds a sense of romance and elegance, evoking the feeling of falling in love and being wrapped in a sweet embrace.
  • Lily: A graceful and enchanting floral note that enhances the bouquet, infusing the scent with a pure and tender affection.

Base Notes:

  • Vanilla: A warm and comforting note that anchors the fragrance, imparting a sense of familiarity and intimacy, like a soft caress of affection.
  • Sandalwood: A creamy and woody note that adds depth and sophistication, leaving a lasting impression of love's enduring embrace.
All our oils have been carefully selected with the best wood chips from Cambodia, Trat and Prachin. They have been hand-picked to give our customers the purest organic natural raw scent which is rightfully due for these amazing ouds.
All products come with a complimentary gift box unique to each oil.

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