Welcome to Lux Oud - the new name for high quality, oud fragrances.

Lux Oud was born out of an obsession with beautiful, heady, scented oils, fused with a vision to present authentic, modern day fragrances. Each key ingredient has been carefully sourced and skilfully blended by our ‘Oud Team’ to produce scents/aromas/perfumes with precious oud extracts and luxury oils. The result is an aroma which is elegant, yet enduring.


The oud market has seen steady growth for some time, with an interest in high-end ouds and attars in particular developing rapidly. As keen fragrance enthusiasts, Lux Oud desires to educate our customers by taking them through the ‘oud journey’, so that they too can see precisely why the big perfume houses and boutiques are clamouring to secure a slice of this lucrative, exclusive market.


Here at Lux Oud, we want our customers to learn about us and the people behind brand, as well as the intricacies behind the oud scent/aroma itself – this starts when the oud is extracted from the bark of the tree, through to the moment it’s applied to your skin. Every drop has a story, with each bottle being hand distilled by our very own perfume connoisseurs.



The idea for the logo was inspired by the very Agarwood trees from which the oud is extracted. They are native to Southwest Asia, particularly in Thailand and Cambodia. This for us represents the beginning of the fragrance and a key part of the Lux Oud concept.

We feel that the design and style of the logo reflects the values and vision of Lux Oud, which aims to become the place to go to for those demanding high quality, skilfully blended oud fragrances.


Lux Oud Logo


Our fascination with oud, coupled with a strong desire to source directly, took the Lux Oud team to a Trat Plantation in Cambodia, the home of the Agarwood. During this trip, we were privileged to witness the entire process involved in the ancient art of creating oud – from its cultivation and extraction, through to production. This gave us an invaluable insight into the history of oud, how it was discovered by chance, and its development into one of today’s must have fragrances – a not so well-known story.

Oud is formed in the heart of the Agarwood tree, the very same trees that were used by soldiers during war as a means of protection from the enemy whose bullets would penetrate the Agarwood’s surface, creating holes. As people returned to visit the same forests over the years, they noticed the bullet holes on the trees had matured, producing a rich, dark aromatic resin with a distinctive aroma/scent/smell. It is this dark resin representing the infected areas of the tree, which are referred to as agar/aloes. This darker resin differs significantly from the naturally occurring resin one might see from a tree, which is typically light with a pale hue.

The aromatic qualities of the resin formed during this process can be affected by the species of wood, location and origin of the root and the key factor, which is the maturation period and quality of the infection.

Discover and experience Lux Oud’s exclusive blends of luxurious, scented oils for yourself.


Prachin Oud regarded as a prestigious pure Oud oil, is extracted at source from the Agarwood trees in Thailand to produce an unmistakably rich, spicy aroma at its start, settling into a sweet, woody fragrance.